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Mar 12

The Cat in the Hat is a Sadist

Reading the book to my boy this morning it struck me that the Cat is either criminally indifferent to other people’s feelings or he gets off on their discomfort. Consider that poor fish, tossed all over the place while the Cat wrecks the house. It’s cruel. Meanwhile the Cat’s all like, “This is our little secret kids,” which makes me uncomfortable for obvious reasons.

Many see the book as an expression of chaos within boundaries; I think it’s a primer on “Stranger Danger!”

Feb 15

Literary Talk from Chez Neurotique

Here is the difference between my wife and me:

I was wondering aloud about Dr. Seuss’s “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?” How weird a book it is, with this guy wandering around the knolls obsessively imitating animals and objects.

So I say to my wife, “Do you think Mr. Brown could be deranged?”

She says, “Of course not. He’s creative.”